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MAC Vernet

Dru Vernet, Founder

IGNITE your one fire and blaze the path to your best life….

You have the ABILITY to SHIFT your path…

BE fearless in your pursuit of LOVING your BEST self!

Entrepreneur, speaker, and coach

Dru Nicolas Vernet

In her professional experience, Dru has been able to assist with increasing employee moral through civil treatment and communication seminars, improve clinical patient experience through care/compassion in nursing trainings and improve employee engagement through her Power of Change workshop, which fosters self-accountability and self-motivation in her participants.

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Truth & Triumph


Change has been one of life’s certainties and happens faster than we are able to keep up. Truth & Triumph is a collection of personal stories enveloped in MAC Vernet’s personal change management theory that will help you: 1.Work through unresolved self-limiting barriers- improve productivity 2. Infuse purpose into everything you. Empower yourself to create the next chapter in your life. Have you decided what’s next for you? Change is Inevitable, so arm yourself with this “tool” and learn “soft skills” to help you IGNITE your own fire and blaze the path to your best life!

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